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Every great exhibit starts with a great vision. That's the power of Studio Abex. We've staffed our design department with some of the top creative teams in the country and have given them the challenge and the resources to develop exhibit solutions that are as functional as they are breathtaking.

Each Studio Abex team consist of a Senior Designer, Project Engineer, and a Senior Graphic Designer so that every Studio Abex exhibit not only stands out visually but performs flawlessly and communicates your unique marketing message with impact and clarity.

Whether it's portable modular, custom modular or traditional custom, Studio Abex will deliver a turnkey solution that not only meets your design and marketing requirements but is also engineered to maximize efficiency in packing, transportation, drayage and I&D.

After gaining a thorough understanding of your marketing objectives and tradeshow or event plan, Studio Abex designers and engineering draw upon the most expansive and up-to-date materials libraries and computer-aided design and manufacturing programs in the industry.

Our proprietary STUDIO SPECTM CAD program ensures exhibit reconfigurability, maximum material utilization and packing efficiency for reduced program, transportation, drayage and I&D expenses. Your exhibit dollars go where your show or event attendees can see them.

Put the vision of Studio Abex, twenty-five years of manufacturing expertise, and the experience that comes from designing and building thousands of exhibits to work for you. When it comes to turnkey exhibit solutions, there's really only one choice.

Chris David Carl Pedro Adrian Marilyn Anthony